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Grocery Operations Summer Newsletter

04 Jun 2024

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Bud Light Double Lime

473 ml can
Retail $3.20
LCBO# 37298
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Sawdust City - Jalapeno Lime Kettle Sour

473 ml can
Retail $3.95
LCBO# 37778
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Collective Arts Mix 6

6x355 ml can
Retail $18.95
LCBO# 38385
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Ernest Grapefully Flavoured Cider

473 ml can
Retail $3.95
LCBO# 37889
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Fusion Alta Torrontes Pinot Grigio

750 ml bottle
Retail $16.00
LCBO# 168419
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The Beach by Whispering Angel Aoc Coteaux

750 ml bottle
Retail $23.95
LCBO# 31710
" "

Brilla! Proscecco Rosato Doc Spumante

3 x 200 ml bottle
Retail $20.00
LCBO# 32539
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J-Harden Cabernet Sauvignon

750 ml bottle
Retail $19.95
LCBO# 30532


Operational Updates

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Changes to the beverage alcohol marketplace

Recently, we shared information about the changes to the beverage alcohol marketplace announced by the provincial government. As a currently licensed grocer, you can find more information here.

The AGCO and the LCBO are collaborating to offer joint information sessions to convenience stores and grocery store owners who are interested in selling beer, wine, cider, and other low-alcohol ready- to-drink beverages. Please help spread the word and encourage retailers to register here.. 

Invoice & Payment Requirements

To receive credit for missing orders, you must notify LCBO within 5 days of receiving your invoice. This means invoices that are available any given Friday will need to be contested by the following Wednesday. If it is outside of this time period, credit will not be issued.

Additional information is available in the Policies & Procedures Manual for Authorized Grocery Store Licensees on the Grocery Operations website at https://www.lcbowholesaleoperations.com/grocers.html.

•  Bi-weekly emails are auto-generated from LCBO Accounts Receivable, providing a listing of any overdue invoices. These emails must be
   reviewed and actioned immediately. Be sure to add ARAPOutgoing@lcbo.com to your list of safe emails to ensure you receive them. To
   update your email address(es) on these notifications, reach out to accounts.receivables@lcbo.com.
Overdue invoices may be subject to your account being placed on hold, meaning no further orders will be
   processed until payment is received.

• Remittance details are required no later than the payment due date and emailed to accounts.receivables@lcbo.com containing the
   following information:
               o Customer Name
               o Payment Date
               o Total Payment Value
               o Detailed remittances listing all LCBO invoice numbers paid

Please visit our website for more information: 


Holidays & Events

Canada Day             Monday July 1, 2024 
Civic                          Monday August 5, 2024
Labour Day              Monday September 2, 2024

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Seasonal Product Trends & Insights


Lighter Options
     • Crisp pilsners, refreshing sours, and drinkable session
        beers signal the return of warm weather and summer fun

Shandy / Radler Season
     • A summer shandy, also called a radler, is a popular beer
       cocktail made by combining a blonde lager with citrus
       juice or soda. The result is a light, lemony beer with a low
       alcohol content.

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   Flavour Innovation 
         • Cider producers continuously introduce new flavors and
           blends, attracting consumers seeking diverse and unique
           taste experiences.

   Craft Cider Movement
          • The artisanal, small-batch cider production has gained
             momentum, appealing to consumers who appreciate
             craftsmanship and authenticity.
    Gluten-Free Alternative
           • Cider is increasingly available in various formats, including
             bottles, cans, and on tap, making it more accessible to



Refreshing Styles
      •  Rosé for summer! The quality of rosé has never been higher,
         and pairs well with many dishes or perfect on it own.

Exploring lesser-known grapes  

     •  Winemakers are increasingly experimenting with unique and
        indigenous grapes, offering consumers a chance to expand
        their palates beyond the familiar.

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Discover Local

Heartwood Farm & Cidery

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“Reconnect to Simple Wonders” is our mantra at Heartwood Farm & Cidery. In everything we do, we offer people a chance to connect with the farm - directly, when they visit us for tours, retreats and farm stays, but also indirectly, when they pick up our products in the store. Those products embody the care we have for land and the plants that grow the fruit we use. Our ciders are simply-made, incorporating only locally- sourced ingredients and lightly sweetened with the yield of maple trees and beehives. They are straightforward, authentic, and more than a little playful.

Heartwood Farm & Cidery is a family-run, 42-acre regenerative farm located just east of Guelph, Ontario. We raise animals, grow fruit, make cider, and welcome many visitors each year. We hope you’ll consider putting a bit of our farm on your shelves.



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Heartwood Farm Forest Garden Sparkling Cider 

355 ml can
Retail $3.95
LCBO# 36766
" "

Heartwood Farm Eve Goes Badass Sparkling Cider 

355 ml can
Retail $3.95
LCBO# 36765

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