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Grocery Operations Summer Newsletter

11 Sep 2023

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Operational Updates

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LCBO B2B Claims Application

When submitting claims for damaged products, please remember to salvage as much product as possible. If one (1) unit is all that is damaged, claims will not be approved for the entire case. Additionally, remember to not dispose of product until the claim has been approved, we may need more pictures or information. The exception to this, would be if there is a health and safety issue with keeping the product. Dispose of any product that has mold, bugs, broken glass, etc. after taking photos.

Refusing Orders

Licensed grocery stores cannot refuse orders that fall under the below situations. If you are refusing orders in situations that are not warranted, you may not receive credit for the order.

  • Within lead times: order arrives within the communicated lead times.
  • Overstocks at store: accepting the ordered product(s) would lead to excess inventory at the licensed location.
  • Short Shipments: ordered product(s) are short shipped.

Invoice & Payment Reminders

To receive credit for missing orders, you must notify LCBO within 5 days of receiving your invoice. This means invoices that are available any given Friday will need to be contested by the following Wednesday. If it is outside of this time period, credit will not be issued.

Additional information is available in the Policies & Procedures Manual for Authorized Grocery Store Licensees on the Grocery Operations website at https://www.lcbowholesaleoperations.com/grocers.html.

Product Insight & Trends



Hello to higher ABV's
IPA beers with an ABV around 7% are growing with new unique varieties.

Sour supremacy
With the rise of sours in 2020, brewers are continually growing this market by offering more unique, fruity yet tart flavours.

Lager style
Lighter and more refreshing, lagers are making a comeback.

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Fruit ciders on the rise
Cideries are getting adventurous and trying new fruit combinations.

Innovative seasonals
Create excitement and unusual flavour options for consumers.

Rose gets recognition
As rose wine continues to shine, there is growth in rose cider.





Style-Blending With limited availability of certain grape varietals, wineries are blending and creating new wine styles.

Sparkling & Champagne
With the rising trend of spritzers and frizzy cocktails this segment is expected to continue to grow.

Natural & Sustainable
There has been effort across the entire wine industry to transition towards biodiversity and organic farming.

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Cooper's Hawk Vineyards

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Welcome to world-class wines, to expertly crafted cuisine and to a naturalist’s haven. Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards is all this and more. Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards is an estate winery located on 70 acres of land in the Lake Erie North Shore viticulture region. Our name was chosen from one of the many birds of prey that frequent the 5 acres of green space surrounding our vineyards and our logo symbolizes our commitment to the environment. We focus on high quality affordable wines grown on an environmentally supportive site.
Maria Colini maria@coopershawkvineyards.com

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